10 Impulsive Road Trip Essentials

Currently, I’m in my own country, still on vacation, but last summer, I stayed back in Malaysia instead of going home. Please do not ask me why; I genuinely have no clue either🤷‍♀️. One random Friday, I woke up at 5am feeling really upset, and ended up getting dressed and impulsively taking a grab to the nearest bus station to campus.

I bought a 7.30am 🚌 ticket to Kuala Lumpur.

I had a lot of fun, from catching the Da Vinci exhibition at the National Art Gallery to whiling an entire afternoon at Suria KLCC and grabbed dinner with my cousins before taking a night bus back to JB and came home at 4am on Saturday. In all honesty, I woke up in a mess of tears, and the trip did absolute wonders for me.

I spent most of my afternoon at the Kinokuniya bookstore at KLCC.

I realised that as someone who does extremely impulsive things, I do keep my essentials in order for any emergency so I thought I’d make a post about essentials for impulsive road trips.

So here we go.

My backpack is a tough one, with the capability of carrying quite a lot of things.

What to Pack:

1. ID/Passport plus your wallet and 🔑

Yes, I needed my passport to buy a freaking bus ticket. International students traveling around Malaysia, make sure to keep your IC and passport with you at all times. And I know people who went on a trip having forgotten their wallet and keys so make sure those are at hand first and foremost.

2. Notebook/pencil

A classic pen and notebook

I spent most of the bus ride to KL doodling and writing while jamming out to my Lana del Rey playlist on Spotify. It’s how I actually got the idea for this blog post. A mechanical pencil and a retractable eraser are convenient because they’re less messy. I use a really thin wooden mechanical pencil from MUJI, it barely takes up any space (not being paid to state that, I’m just internally fangirling.)

3. Power bank/charger

The trip was a whole day long, with no place to stop and charge my phone. My power bank was a lifesaver, especially because I use my phone for everything, from writing to texting to a lot of photography.

4. Wet tissues/ regular tissues

Malaysia is a hot, humid country and a pack of wet tissues is a must, especially if your face produces enough oil to warrant ‘western independence’ like mine. Also regular tissues don’t hurt either, especially if you’re eating frozen yoghurt like an animal and get chocolate hazelnut spread on your hand. (Don’t judge me.)

5. Umbrella/sunscreen

Malaysia also has an unholy ton of intense sunshine and rain, so either way, I always end up having an umbrella over me. The heat makes water-based sunscreens a miracle from the heavens. Currently, I use a SPF 50 water based sunscreen.

6. Chapstick

Chapsticks are an important part of your travel package

Buses are air conditioned, as are most places. Your lips will inevitably dry out. Respect them lips, people. Neither gender nor pride dictate physics, and the absence of moisture in a particular area does lead to dryness, if physics is to be believed. (I’m looking at you people, engineering students who think skincare is too high maintenance.)

7. Hand sanitiser

I’m trying to be less of a germaphobe these days, but still, hand sanitiser is a lifesaver, especially if the public restroom just happens to not have soap. (Yeah. For some reason, it happened to be out of soap just when I needed it.)

8. Spare clothes/something warm

Buses get cold. Just. BUSES GET COLD. Bring along something lightweight but warm for the long trips under the blast of freezing air conditioning. I took a set of spare clothes (a top and intimates) because I wasn’t sure if I was staying the night or coming back on a night bus, because I genuinely didn’t expect to walk in and get a ticket back on a crowded Friday night.

9. Earbuds

Yes, while this sounds like a given, I was about to walk out of my dorm without mine before I rushed back upstairs for them so this is more for other forgetful wanderers like me.

10. Toiletries

Travel toothbrush/paste, I have trouble dealing with my mouth tasting bad after sleeping on a bus trip. Also for those of you with ovaries, sanitary products are an essential. You never know when Auntie Flo decides to arrive.

Sunset near around evening in UTM

Anyhow, those are the ten essentials you should keep at hand even if you’re heading out on a spur-of-the-moment trips. Have fun and stay safe!

Missed something? comment to let me know😉.

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