Mental Health: Stuck Thinking About Something You Did?… Try This 3-Step Method

Every student has a past and every past has its own darkness, its own struggle. We all reached that point when we felt that this is the last point and things won’t get better after it, those conditions make us blind and stop us from seeing how beautiful life is and how enjoyable it can be. It’s about time we took mental health seriously.

Would you believe me if I told you that you can achieve your dreams as a student, feel what you desire to feel and see your goals coming true?

Your mindset is the way you deal with life, so changing your mindset is the way to change your life.

Do you really think that if you keep thinking about your past it will make you any better? Because we all know that there is no way to go back in time and fix it.

Before I go into sharing my 3-step method I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to our counselling services in UTM. They work to ensure a healthy environment for the mental stability of us students in UTM. Check their website here

So, if you just ignite a lighter and accidentally burnt your finger, later then you will always be careful not to do the same mistake. In UTM we go through similar experiences. Using the same concept but on your struggle that you did face it in your past by trying to analyse it and try to avoid in our future. So as I see the best way to analyse the struggle you faced by going through these 3 steps :


  • Ask yourself  questions like:

Why did you face this struggle?

What conditions were you in?

Is this the first step to analyse it?

After realizing that this is the problem you need to accept it and do not resist the fact that this hurts your mental state. Because if you resist it, a normal problem as a molehill can look like a huge mountain blocking your way. Vice versa you can break a huge mountain to its own molehills when you identify its parts.


  • Learning its either you ask for help or searching. Also, you can figure out your own solution by sitting alone wondering, asking, and using your own logic and knowledge. In this step you also must find the positive part of this struggle. This will make you see through the mountain, yet you can’t pass.


  • Changing and working with the ways to avoid this struggle again and improving yourself. Keeping yourself away from it at this point the mountain is dwindling and you are starting to observe the enjoyment in life is In front of you.

Discover how the Top Student in UTM did his changes

After applying these 3 steps your mental health will surely improve making your road to your dream easier and your life in UTM more enjoyable, and always remember this sentence:

I got hurt so I learned then I changed

Abdul wahab

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