Here is How You Can Help 1000’s of COVID-19 victims at Your Local 7-Eleven

As soon as I entered my local 7-eleven outlet in, Taman U, I noticed the collection box in front of me. Mistaking it for a promotion I grabbed a few things and went to the counter. The cashier tried hard to suppress her urge to laugh but it was enough to tell me that bag wasn’t for sale.

So two things I learned on that day were to learn Malay and 7-11 is hosting this awesome donation where you can contribute to potentially over 200 charities. I haven’t been able to help out at all in the COVID-19 crisis so this is a good opportunity to show my support in the battle. All you ave to do is follow these steps.

Step 1

Purchase a product in the outlet.

Step 2

There is no step 2… just put the items in the collection box in the outlet.

There are 2 outlets in just Taman U. If you are staying on campus then do share this with students that live outside. You will have played a part in their contributions.

This ends on the 9th of June FYI so hurry up!

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