RMCO: What To Expect As Students?

UTM JB: Within a couple days the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) will be implemented on a national scale and is basically a super lenient Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

So what’s gonna change?

First of all… HAIR SALOONS are gonna open! (Ehem- sorry)

Interstate travel ban will be lifted as well as Mosques (Surau), leisure activities and even Eid celebration are allowed but ofcourse with a TON of SOP’s to adhere to.

What won’t change are for contact sports, nightclubs, theme parks and karaoke centres, as well as large gatherings such as kenduri. They are still barred during the RMCO.

How about on Campus?

Most of the food stalls and essentials are going to re-open starting on the 10th of June.
Here is the list of them:

1. Selasih Cafe, Arked Cengal
2. Deen Corner, Arked Cengal
3. Elly’s Mart, Arked Cengal
4. PUDJ, Arked N24 and Arked KDSE
5. Cafe SKM (riverside)
6. Cafe P19 SKE
7. Aina Cafe and Catering, T02
8. Embun Cafe, KTF
9. VCafe, Arked Meranti
10. NS Olinn Collection, Arked Cengal
11. Belanga Cafe, Arked Cengal
12. Kafeteria PHB
13. Mega Tech System (Computer/IT shop), Arked Cengal
14. Kafe KDOJ
15. Richiamo Cafe, Arked Meranti
16. The Kave Cengal
17. Cengal Printing & Stationery
18. Md Interactive Enterprise (Lab Equipment Supplier)
19. Printing Shop (N24)
20. Minimart Azah, Kolej Perdana
21. MyNews, Arked Meranti
22. Mini Mart, KTHO
23. Mini Mart, Arked Angkasa
24. Cafe P03 SKE (to be opened starting 14th June 2020)

SOP’s to follow:

  • Dine in is allowed but have to comply with SOP-imposed sanctions by which only 2 to 4 people are allowed to sit at a table
  • And the table should be spaced .
  • For ‘take away’ customers need to bring their own food containers to support the ‘ Zero Single Use Plastic ‘ campaign as practiced before.

Is it possible for me to go into campus?

UTM_FE Students Campus Access Guideline


To see a detailed, translated list click here

References :

UTM_FE Students Campus Access Guidelines during COVID19 Period.pdf



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